More Porch Progress

I feel like if I blink my eyes, when I re-open them something major has changed on the house.

This time when I opened my eyes, the front porch was well-underway.  With the porch enhancements, we solved two things I really didn’t like about the original house:

1.  We were able to get rid of the cheesy scalloped trim on top of the bay window.  (sorry if any of you have scalloped house trim that I have now insulted as being cheesy.)

2.  We were able to hide the fact that the 2nd floor is about a foot larger than the first floor.  Why they designed the house that way, I have no idea.   It almost looked like someone had decided to put an addition on the house, and they mis-measured the original house, but this was how they designed it from the very beginning.  … very odd, but it’s been now masked under a brand new porch!

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