2nd Floor Paint is Complete!

When you’re going to have your house painted, you essentially have 3 choices:

  1. You can randomly pick colors and hope that they look good when they’re painted on your walls, which can be a risk given how much it costs to get your walls painted.
  2. You can buy various quarts of paint, and paint either poster boards, or the walls themselves to find shades that are likely to match what you’re looking for. — this will minimize the risk of selecting colors that you’re unhappy with later, but you have to deal with rollers and mess, and the hassle of disposing of the paint you don’t select. … or…
  3. You can go to @Samplize and they will send you 12″x12″ “stickers” of nearly any Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin Moore color. You can then move that sticker around the room to see how that color will look in various locations and lighting situations. It is less expensive than a quart of paint, and is much easier to deal with as well!

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