The Folks From Marvin Windows Came Through Again

Our second shipment arrived from #Marvin Windows.  I have to say, I’m totally impressed.  John the warehouse wizard (not to be confused with John Sampey our fabulous sales guy), has been so precise about when they were going to arrive to deliver the doors and windows.  I’ve become so used to having a 5- 7 hour delivery window with nearly every other product I’ve ever had delivered, that having a one hour window, and making it, is truly refreshing.

John also pulled a rabbit out of a hat, because I asked him to deliver the back sliders a day earlier than they were planning to deliver them — and he came through!   Thank you, John!

I also love the way the new back sliders look!… I love being outside, and having this wall of windows makes you feel like you’re outside, even if you’re not!

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