The I-Beams are Installed!

Now that the foundation has been poured, it was time to get the posts and I-Beams in place.  Thankfully Joe had some beams already, so he was able to use them. The great folks at L&M Welding helped us again to get them perfect, and to get them installed.  And we can’t forget to thank Joe’s brother, Larry for helping get them installed as well!   With all of these beams, I think the house will withstand any earthquake or tornado.


While We Wait For The Permits

The giant maple is scraping the roof


According to the sellers, the house hasn’t been lived in for 10 years, and we can tell that the trees haven’t been pruned in at least that amount of time.

There are a bunch of overgrown weed trees in the side and backyards, that need to be cut down.    The tree in front is a giant, gorgeous old maple, but the limbs are about 4 feet from touching the ground.

12 foot weed trees… lovely.