Say, “No” to Squeaks!

Unfortunately — although I loved the original hardwood floors — we are eliminating a lot of the old walls, and there weren’t matching hardwood floors under the kitchen tiles.  As a result, multiple flooring experts stated that it would be in our best interest to install new wood floors, instead of patching the old.   I was really disappointed, but once we heard this a couple times, I realized that we needed to listen to the pros.

Joe did the painstaking job of cutting out the old floors and has begun installing the new sub-floors.  Apparently, when homes were built in the 1930’s, there were thin wood “slats” that were placed under the hardwood floors.  The problem with this, is that it made squeaking likely as the wood and house aged.   Today, sub-floors are made of wall-to-wall plywood instead of the wood slats.  This helps to make the floor sturdier, and helps to eliminate squeaks.    Joe has been installing the sub-floors, which really helps me to envision what the floors will ultimately look like!!  I’m super excited!


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