Now That Would Have Sucked!

Other than blog posts, the only thing I seem qualified to do at the house right now is clean.   Originally, I was using a broom.  Enter: the massive and impressive ShopVac!!  It is now my new best friend at the house.  What a sense of accomplishment I have, as I rip through the house, eliminating all of the residual drill shavings and saw dust that Joe and the contractors leave behind!

Thankfully however, I was paying attention recently, as a toad had found its way into the basement.  I nearly sucked the poor little guy up into the ShopVac, but saw him in the nick of time!   I brought him back into the great outdoors, so that he can find little bugs in his natural habitat!  (Audrey, I know you’re very pleased to read about the happy ending for the little guy. 🙂

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