What Convinced Me

Once I stepped into the house, I immediately saw the potential, and loved the character.   But, wow … it really needs some serious work! …. like completely gutted and expanded bathrooms, an addition so there is a kitchen larger than a postage stamp, and what I’ve been dreaming of:  space for an art studio!

I certainly wouldn’t take something like this on myself, and we’re not in Waco Texas to pull in #Chip and Joanna Gaines to become the next #Fixer Upper.  Thankfully, Joe is very construction-oriented, which helped allay my fears, so we decided to be our own GCs.













One thought on “What Convinced Me”

  1. Hey joey and Barbie…
    I had a migraine most of today and just woke up and decided to go through your ENTIRE HOUSE BLOG….it’s FANTASTIC…..
    You guys look like u were made for each other and I hope Linda and I get to meet and go out to dinner w u soon. Rots of ruck on all the rest. Barbie u better read this cause Joey said u get a kick out of this stuff.. xo, Norm & Linda

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