New Stair Railing

The original house had an odd landing near the top of the stairs. The purpose of the landing was to allow you to step out onto the garage deck, which was 2 feet lower than the 2nd floor. In the remodel, when we put the art room on top of the garage, we added two feet to the garage deck, (so that the art room floor would be even with the rest of the 2nd floor). In doing this, and in adding 3 stairs in place of the landing, the angle of the original railing didn’t accommodate for the new stairs, so we had to modify our railing.

One benefit of changing the railing is that we were able to increase the height of the railing to bring it up to today’s code, and so that we didn’t have to hunch over to reach the railing. (Apparently people were a lot shorter in the 1930’s!)

Sharon and Sergio Malave are shown here at the base of the new railing. The question is, did the owner of Done Right Construction inspect and approve of this new railing?

The spindles will be added next!

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