More Floor

Things are happening so quickly now! I see changes one night, and then by the time I finish work the next day, I find out that more great changes have taken place! Last night there was a four foot strip of hardwood floor in the family room, and today, nearly the whole family room and kitchen are complete!!

One bizarre issue that we had to deal with is that the floor between the old and new house is level on one side of the house, but not on the other. To compensate for that, Paul our fabulous hardwood guy installed 3 wood slats in progressively smaller sizes to make sure that the floors would meet.

2 thoughts on “More Floor”

  1. Exciting to see all the progress… Have always Loved real wood floors – Will you have a dark or lighter stain?
    Love the arabesque tile in the shower insets – timeless!

  2. Thanks Kathy! It will be a darker stain. The original house had a dark stain, so I’m hoping to keep the original look.

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