Two Wrongs Sometimes Do Make a Right!

Wrong #1:  Joe and the Framer realized that the laundry room window I ordered was going to be too tall for the space.  (Unbeknownst to me, it is necessary to put a 12 inch header above the windows, but in doing so, the bottom of the window would have been below the top of the sink.)  Whoops!

Wrong #2:  The architect had put the washer, dryer, and sink on the outside wall of our laundry room.   However, our plumber, Joe Moody, advised us that you don’t want your plumbing pipes to be on an outside wall, and recommended that we modify that part of the plans.

Solution:   We will move the washer, dryer and sink to an interior wall, which then makes room for the window.   (Thank goodness, because having to order a different window was going to be an expensive mistake!)

Because we were needing to make room for a counter next to the window, Joe had to re-frame up the window.  He worked hard into the evening doing that.

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