Front Windows Cut In, and House Under Roof

The Framers have cut in the 2nd floor front windows, and have completed the roof (sans shingles).    I love how the roof is nearly symmetrical when you see it from above.  I think it looks like one of those T shapes on the Tetris game.   (Thanks again to Joe’s cousin, “Drone Dan”, for taking pictures from “bird view” angles!)

One thought on “Front Windows Cut In, and House Under Roof”

  1. Hi! Wow!!! We really love the roof line. It all looks really neat!! It looks like you’ve almost doubled the size of the house. I’ll bet you’re both so really excited about all of it now. Things are really moving along and it all looks so nice. I’ll bet your neighbors are excited about it, too. I can hardly wait until we can see it in real life. Enjoy! But don’t work too hard.

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