Changing Up The Water Service

Because the house was built in 1939, the diameter of the pipe to the city water service was too small to comply with today’s code.  The pipe to the water service was only 3/4 inch and Chicago code requires that it be 1 1/2 inch.

We called in the fabulous guys from B&T Underground to get the job done, and they didn’t disappoint!  We had previously been told that the water service was across the street, which would have been incredibly expensive.  But thankfully, it turned out that the city water service is right in the parkway at the front of the yard.

When B&T  dug a trench from the house to the city water service, we could see reminders of the big front yard maple tree in the ground, as there were TONS of tiny roots that they had to cut through!    B&T put in the pipe from the house to the parkway, and then they worked with the city to connect to the city water service.   The water service is now 1 1/2 inches!   Let’s hear it for good water pressure!!  Thank you B&T Underground and Chicago Water Department!!

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