The Backfilling Has Begun

After the foundation walls finished curing, Joe put in pipes around the periphery of the interior of the basement floor, which will work in conjunction with the sump pump to pull any water from the basement.  He then lined the external perimeter of the foundation with 2 1/2 inch thick pink foam insulation boards to insulate the basement.

Although the weather hadn’t been cooperating, we finally had a few non-rainy days, so Joe got back on the Bobcat to backfill the earth around the foundation.  He started by filling the bottom portion with sand, because it helps to draw water away from the home.  He then began taking the original dirt to backfill the rest.  He was lucky to have some helpers along the way!!

Joe was able to use the Bobcat to compact the earth … and worked exceptionally long hours doing it!

One thought on “The Backfilling Has Begun”

  1. Looks like a lot of work and fun! Your house will look great when its finished! Great coverage of the construction!

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