The Forms Are In Place!

The great folks from our concrete contractor, JPG Construction Company, came today to put the forms into place.  The owner, John Gavin, has been so friendly and easy to work with.   The concrete will be poured between these forms to create the walls of the foundation.   Progress!!


2 thoughts on “The Forms Are In Place!”

  1. Wow….what a great blog….
    I’m impressed …JOE ..I think your female partner is really the brains behind this entire project..u look good on all those machines ( that Chuck and I have been on 30 years ago when we were kids)… But she probably planned this whole thing out and you are a lucky guy to have her ….best of luck finishing up….don’t let her go
    #1. She went to Purdue
    #2. She is cute…OK I GOT ONE AND TWO CONFUSED…
    Again best of luck to both of u…
    And thanks for the restaurant lists…..Norm

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