Reality TV Show: Episode 2

There was one demo incident that if I didn’t know better, I would have sworn was staged.   I was still at work, and Joe had gone to the house to demo the basement ceiling.   As he was cutting down some of the drywall, a wasp’s nest fell out. Thankfully, it was a dried up, empty wasp’s nest, so no troubles.    On the next panel over however, another wasp’s nest fell to the floor, but this time Joe was not quite so lucky: dozens of angry wasps flew out, and Joe was stung repeatedly on the chest and neck.

When I saw Joe later that night (complete with red and puffy wasp welts) I completely spazzed out:  “What if you were allergic to wasps?!  What if you swelled up like a puffer fish and died??!!”   Thankfully, Joe is not allergic to wasp stings, nor is there a video of that outburst.

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