Demo Day!

Have you ever noticed that when you’re watching anything on #HGTV, that demo day makes everyone so excited?  We had so many people coming out of the woodwork, asking if they could help us demo the house.  It was hilarious.   I think everyone just likes to get out their aggressions and break things.

Joe also comments when watching HGTV, “You do not just go at a wall with a sledge hammer!!!  What are these people doing???”   He swears by the #Sawsall to more efficiently demo the walls.

Hint: The beautiful thing is that based on Joe’s estimate, we probably saved $5K-10K by doing our own demo, so that’s a huge bonus.

My nephew… in on the action
Joe’s niece… styling the fancy work gloves








Well… our demo day became demo days, as the process took longer than you see on TV.   But the results have been so cool to see:


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